The teachers here are offering classes and workshops in Katonah Yoga® or using Katonah material into their yoga classes.

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Matt Read

After many years studying Yoga and Pilates Matt started practicing Katonah Yoga in 2014 and is a certified Katonah Yoga Instructor. He loves being able to share a practice that integrates ancient magic and techniques into a modern approach to movement and asana. Matt believes the key to building an advanced asana practice is a commitment to true mastery of the basic archetypal forms. His classes are usually demanding, because life is demanding, while also accessible to students new to Katonah Yoga. 

Edmonton, AB

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Tira Mills

Tira is a magic weaver.  She twists and ties the threads of her personal narrative to take control of life, and shares Katonah Yoga with others so they can too. Students are empowered, supported, and challenged with an information based practice. Her teaching uses form to create function, and function to create beauty. Tira has over 400 hours of yoga training and is a certified Katonah Yoga Instructor.

Edmonton, AB

Photo by  Jay Castor

Photo by Jay Castor

Christie Koppe

Christie has been practicing yoga for years but it wasn’t until she found Katonah yoga that her practice became truly life encompassing. She was instantly hooked and knew that she needed to help spread the powerful and pragmatic information that the practice has to offer. She loves the formality and functionality of Katonah yoga and believes that your yoga practice should be measured so it can always measure up. Christie is a registered massage therapist for over 10 years now and is a certified Katonah yoga instructor.  She loves working with bodies and approaches it in a light hearted manor, the same way she tries to approach life.

Edmonton, AB


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